FoodPanda Refuses To Give Refund After Failing To Deliver Groceries To Children’s Home

On 22 May, Facebook user Estelle Liu placed a PandaMart order for $259.32 worth of groceries, to be delivered from Pandamart AMK to 202 Serangoon Way (Chen Su Lan Methodist Children’s Home) on 24 May at 11:00am. However, on 24 May, the groceries never reached the Children’s home.

“This delivery never reached the destination. However, on the app, it shows that the order has been successfully delivered. Later on the same day, I found out through the Children’s Home in-charge that the items never arrived. I immediately contacted Foodpanda through the live chat because there was no hotline available at all. I provided them with my number and the live chat customer service told me that they will contact me. However, they did not contact me at all until 26th May Wednesday, through an email”
– Estelle Liu

In the e-mail from FoodPanda, they said that the driver provided proof of delivery, which was a picture of a small plastic bag in front of a building that did not resemble the Children’s home at all. WTF how can $260 worth of groceries for a children’s home fit in that tiny plastic bag?

“I also want to make known that the orphanage has multiple CCTVs surrounding it, and a guard house directly by the main gate. But no footage of any delivery from Pandamart has been captured nor any drop off. It is with certainty that I say the items never arrived to Chen Su Lan Methodist Children’s Home. “
– Estelle Liu

There were multiple e-mail exchanges that followed between FoodPanda and Estelle, however, FoodPanda kept saying that they cannot give a refund as their driver provided proof of delivery. This is even after Estelle provided them with photographs of the children’s home for FoodPanda’s reference. She also took many initiatives to try and contact them via their live chat, but they just kept brushing her off without coming to any conclusion.

This is not the first time FoodPanda has received complaints for failed deliveries and their bad customer service. But how can they show so little care towards a Children’s Home? Least they can do is offer to redeliver the groceries if not give them a refund right!

See Estelle’s Facebook post here.

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