Japanese Woman: SG Men Have Problematic Attitudes on Dating Apps. They Only Want to Get Laid!

A Japanese woman who has been living in Singapore since young wrote an open letter about the attitudes of Singaporean men on dating apps like Coffee Meets Bagel and Badoo.

As a user of both apps, I’m extremely disgusted to learn that Singaporean Chinese men are exploiting dating apps to look for free girlfriends to have sex. They blatantly like my profile to shamelessly ask for one-night stands because of my nationality.

I strongly feel that men like them see Japanese women as submissive because the majority of us are gentle, hence they can be their modern-day ‘concubines’. I have decided not to be the gentle submissive stereotype but the bold Asian woman who will signal out their wrongdoings.

One example is this man in his early 40s called Stephen. He liked my profile and boasted that many women will ask him for sex after one too many drinks. Shortly after I made it clear that I did not want to engage in any of that, he told me that “I’m not his type”. Seriously?

I can tell you that I block a lot of local users because when I see their profiles, I already know that they are out to have fun. Some are even married.

Another Singaporean man called Desmond also liked my profile. His first message was ‘I like your eyes. They are so pretty’. He said he likes Japanese women because he finds them pretty and shortly after disclosed that he wants a girlfriend who he can always have sex with. He suggested for me to have sex with him and I blocked him. I think he is very rude and has the China Emperor mentality that women can be their sex slaves. I feel sexually harassed and offended by his actions.

I feel bad for Desmond’s parents, for having such a useless son who cannot contribute to society except look for a free girlfriend to always have sex. A man like him should not be allowed to date but be kept in the prison to reflect on his moral values.

Having previously dated five Singaporean men, I dare to share that they have this entitled mindset that a woman should do everything for them. Because their mothers did everything for them from when they are young to the day they get married. They do not see relationship/marital infidelity as an issue and that is a very big problem everyone should be concerned about.

Reader’s Contribution by C T

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