CECA Woman Lied About Getting Covid at Changi Airport. Send Her Back to South Asia!

The Ministry of Health (MOH) finally spoke up about an ungrateful and dishonest CECA woman named Sonal Wadde. The Indian national alleged that she caught Covid-19 at Changi Airport and accused us of being more dangerous than India. She is a Dependant’s Pass Holder.

It turns out that her claims were baseless. Investigations and tests showed that her infection had no links to the Changi Airport cluster. It was unlikely she contracted it in Singapore.

The woman tested negative for her pre-departure and on-arrival tests but these are not enough to confirm that she was free from Covid-19. She could have incubated the virus and eventually tested positive while on Stay Home Notice.

Now that we exposed her lies, we should send her back to her home country. She said that she felt safer in India anyway.

Why does our government continue to embrace foreigners who do not appreciate being here? Ungrateful “talents” like Sonal Wadde even go as far as to accuse us of being more dangerous than India, who is seeing around 200,000 cases a day!

This is unacceptable. We must not allow any more “South Asians” like her to enter our country and then tarnish our reputation. If the PAP continues to defend themselves by saying that we cannot afford to close borders, I’m afraid our people will no longer believe in a Singapore for Singaporeans.

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