Woke Youth Activists Demand SG Gov to Cut All Military Ties with Israel until Palestine is Free!

Activists in Singapore are very concerned about the Israel-Palestinian conflict ever since tensions escalated again last month. They called for our government to stop buying weapons from Israel and cut ties with them until Palestinians are free.

Instagram left.sg recently revealed a list of weapons that we bought from Israel for our own defence. These range from missiles, artillery, to air-defence systems.

Although we need weapons to strengthen our defence, the rights of Palestinians are a more pressing concern. It is important that our government help to protect their rights by ending ties with Israel immediately.

Why? Human rights is fundamental and sacrosanct. At times like this, we must place priority on protecting their rights instead of only caring about strengthening our defence. Our government must do the right thing until Israel ends its military occupation and grants Palestinians rights.

Please support our youth activists.

“If you are in a position to do more, do it. The occupation must end. Palestine must be free.”

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