Netizen: “Licensed” Money Lender Scams Me Of $3000+, Be Careful!

On 25 May 2021, food delivery rider John Koh was looking for an investment loan of $25k, and he decided to Google for any licensed money lender around. He was directed to a website “”.

John decided to contact the number on the webpage “81918410”.

“A man named Donald who sounded like a local Singaporean responded to me. I sent him my documents for processing and He replied that he would process the loan at 4% and assured me that there wouldn’t be any fee arising.”
– John Koh

The next day, “Donald” sent 3 separate payment requests to John.

“‘Donald’ then contacted me on 26 May 2021 and told me to make the first instalment payment of $778 before he could disburse out the loan…

One hour later, Donald asked me to make another payment of $2500 for a refundable immediate transfer fee. As I was riding on the road delivering food, I wasn’t able to think very well. I was given the impression that since it was legal then it shouldn’t be much of a problem. So I made the transfer.

Another hour later, Donald asked me to make another payment of $2500. “
– John Koh

He even included invoices that appeared legitimate.

Sensing that something is wrong, John refused to make the third payment. This is when the scammer used a landline (6950 0200) to call him telling John that he is close to getting his money.

“I then asked if I could cancel off by forfeiting the $778. He said no. He told me to transfer him $2500 then he would return $2500 + $778”

John then made a police report detailing the incident.

Hoping that everyone would learn from his mistake, John also dug deeper and revealed a few things about this “Galaxy Finances”:

  • The name “Galaxy Financing” is similar to a legitimate company “Galaxy Credit”.
  • The number 6950 0200 used to call John is also used for 2 other pages “” and “”, both are defunct. The number 6950 0200 can also be linked to a live company called Prosper Credit Pte Ltd.
  • A mobile number used by “” can be linked to another website “”, which is also defunct.

Unfortunately, according to comments his Facebook post, seems like many other netters were also previously victims of other money lending scams.

With all the bank account numbers and contact numbers, hopefully the scammer will be caught by the police soon! Sadly for John, he has to work additional 500 hours of delivery to get his losses back, but he hopes that no one else will make the same mistakes as him. Stay safe everyone!

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