5 ‘South Asian’ Students in Singapore Allegedly Arrested for Possessing Drugs

Five students from Sri Lanka, or more accurately, “South Asia”, were arrested by the Singapore Police for allegedly abusing drugs. They reportedly study at Stanfort Academy near Tanglin Rd and have been abusing drugs for weeks.

They were said to have escaped many times even though people reported them for causing a nuisance.

“They were abusing on drugs for many weeks in the rooftop garden and got away many times when ppl called the police for their public nuisance like peeing and just littering ard the exercising corner.. this time they got caught red handed. Also got arrested for possession of controlled drugs… weed! Police arrested them all for possession and consumption of controlled drugs.”

So daring of them to do drugs in Singapore. How did they manage to get it into our country?

Screenshots from sgfollowsall

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