POFMA Is Powerless Against Brave Activists Like TOC!

The government tried to bring down The Online Citizen (TOC) again! Recently, TOC shared a video interview with an elderly who alleged that she was bullied by the police. This video was subsequently POFMAed by the minister with two positions (Law and Home Affairs) Shanmugam who wasted his time by blowing it out of proportion.

TOC was just reporting based on what they learnt when they interview the old aunty! It is according to what was in the video. Also, when the police uploaded their clarification to say that they never bully the old woman, TOC even edited their videos to add this statement. So why are they still POFMAed after that?

Luckily, TOC is still standing strong despite being targeted. They are not going to falter. According to their statement, they have already filed an appeal to Shanmugam to cancel the POFMA notice.

“We did not put out any deliberate falsehoods or twist any facts. TOC reported in good faith. TOC did not coach the lady or coax her into answering questions in any particular manner.”

Even if our big brother government tries to find another excuse to silence their critics again, POFMA will remain powerless against the brave activists of Singapore!

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