Couple in India Chartered Plane for their Wedding And Got Away With Covid Restrictions

An Indian couple in India chartered a plane for their wedding so that they can get away with Covid-19 restrictions. What was supposed to be a wedding with no more than 50 guests became a party in the air with more than 160 people!

Many of them were not wearing their masks.

The couple were clearly informed of the cap on wedding guests but deliberately wanted to escape it. What’s worse was that the jet had another flight scheduled after their wedding. If there was any infected person on board, the transmission would have gone out of control.

Not that the situation in India is under control. It continues to report 200,000 cases daily and you still see irresponsible people like them. Despite this, we have an India national in Singapore who said that we are more dangerous than India!

While not everyone there is irresponsible, we have opened our legs wide to “South Asian” travelers for TOO long. We cannot risk having more people who don’t obey rules spread the variant here. We already have more than 100 cases in the Changi Airport cluster alone! How long more do we have to wait until our highly-paid ministers take proper action? What are they even doing? We MUST close our borders to ensure our own safety before it’s too late!

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