Ungrateful CECA Thinks India is Safer Than Singapore, Blames Us for Her Infection!

An ungrateful Indian national claimed that she contracted Covid-19 in Singapore and felt that India is much safer. She is allegedly a Dependant’s Pass Holder and entered our country after staying in Nepal for 15 days.

She believes she got infected at Changi Airport. She regretted coming and advised people to wait for our “second wave” to subside before making their way here:

“Better late than contract the infection in travelling.. and the worst.. in SG… I was more secure in India home is what my feeling right now.”

Some online sources revealed that she works at DBS but the bank clarified that she is no longer their employee.

The woman should count herself lucky that she can come here when her motherland India is reporting almost 200,000 cases DAILY. Instead of appreciating us for letting her in, she accused us of being more dangerous and blamed us for her infection. How ungrateful! Who knows, she might have caught the virus in her own country!

If she thinks India is safer, why bother coming? Go back to your country! We would be more than happy to put her on a repatriation flight for her to get back to “safety”. Singaporeans do not want open borders and the last thing we want is an ungrateful, selfish foreign “talent” to set foot here.

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