Another Racist Aunty Says “You brownies are the problem in my country”

WTF why so many racist people nowadays? Yesterday morning, Hidayah (@splbx) was just taking bus 190 on the way to work when this racist aunty decided to kpkb and pick at her.

“I got onto 190 to head to work, i took a seat behind hers and she kept staring at me so i thought she wanted to say something so i said ‘what’s up?’ she started to yell at me and honestly i can’t recall what she was saying cause it was happening so fast but she became volatile and i asked what’s wrong, she said i was the one that was wrong.”
– Instagram @splbx

When Hidayah asked her “what did I do to you”, she replied “you shoot your dangerous eyes at me!”. She even mumbled, “you brownies are the problem in my country, my country.”

Walao is this aunty also from Hwachong?! Hopefully they can find out who is this racist aunty soon, we cannot let racist people like her roam around Singapore picking on minorities!

See the video here.

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