WTF?! Husband Labels And Locks Everything At Home From His Wife, Stops Her From Seeing Their Child


I would like to share my story.

I’ve been with my current husband for 6 years with a 3-year-old daughter, recently there was a dispute between the both of us and he took my daughter away from me and went to my biological mum house, after putting her there they came up to my place to padlock the gate so that they could say I ran away from home. But to be exact he actually kicked my friend and threw the mahjong bag at them with a pregnant lady around and fled with my daughter.

Since 24th April I have not been able to see my daughter, there was only once where I sought help from the police officer to see her was through a locked gate ( like a prisoner) when I finally got legal advice that I could break the lock to my house as I was still legally married to him I came home to all these writing pasted on the items in the house.

My biological mum who is a lecturer and NIEC help him write this, padlock my house gate refraining me from entering the house, and instigate him to file a PPO saying I abused my child which was not true. I seriously wonder how NIEC teaches their lecture, is it abusing authority??

When mentioned to him and spamming his phone telling I want to see my daughter he refused to reply and when he finally did he said as I have an EO (Temporary Personal Protection Order) against him so he won’t allow me to see my daughter. 

Natalie Ng
<A.S.S. Contributor>

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