Top 2 Big Fat Excuses By PAP And Why It’s Totally Their Fault for Leaving Borders Open

Anyone can tell that the PAP screwed up in handling the Covid-19 crisis. Instead of apologizing, the elite ruling party continues to give excuses to defend itself and make themselves feel better.

EXCUSE #1: We cannot close our borders

Early this month, Lawrence Wong said that we cannot afford to close our borders because we do not have enough resources. He was explaining why we did not close borders despite the horrible outbreak in India. Now read on…

EXCUSE #2: Singapore only allows repatriation flights from India

The government then tried to assure us that they have only been allowing repatriation of Singaporeans/PRs from India. It said that India has banned all international passenger flights to Singapore from March 2020. This contradicts with Excuse #1 where Lawrence Wong said that we didn’t close our borders.

If we are only repatriating our own citizens, then what’s all this?

Since when are Work Pass holders and dependents also Singaporeans? So did the government control our borders or not? Why so inconsistent?

PAP must stop lying to Singaporeans! Stop telling us to “do our part” or “take it seriously” because we have been doing that THE WHOLE TIME. How dare they give excuses for their own screw ups and push the blame to us!

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