Singaporeans Call Bullshit on Gov Statement that Only Repatriation Flights Allowed from India

Many Singaporeans are displeased even after the government clarified that it only allows repatriation flights to come in from India. It said that India has banned all international passenger flights into Singapore since March 2020.

However, people are not convinced.

If it only allows Singaporeans/PRs to be repatriated back, why is there still an average of 25 arrivals per day? It has been more than a year since March 2020 so how come we still need daily flights to bring citizens back from India? How many citizens or new citizens do we have there?

If there is only an average of 25 arrivals each day, then who were the large bunch of “South Asian travelers” at Changi Airport in a video that went viral early this month? CAAS said that it was taken before April 2021, but anyone can count that there were more than 25 people in the video. Didn’t the government say that they are only letting in Singaporeans/PRs?

Something smells fishy. Who have we been letting in? Are there really all citizens/PRs? Why is it that they can ban us but we cannot ban them? The government must come clean!

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