PAP is the REAL Reason Why People Are Unhappy With New COVID Clusters

Fellow Singaporeans,

The Straits Times published another article about why Singaporeans are unhappy with the resurgence in COVID cases here. While I commend Leslie Fong, I don’t believe the article goes far enough.

The article states that the average sinkie is angry at the resurgence of COVID cases because they felt like the government acted against their best interests. The government are uninformed and incapable of understanding Singaporeans, and they show this by allowing foreigners into the country just to avoid a “total economic collapse”.

A vocal minority questioned why, but they were easily brushed off as racist and xenophobic. This is even after the Indian variant of COVID (B1617) made things bad enough for rich Indian people to flee, some of which reached our shores and led to a few new clusters.

However, this explanation still does not go deep enough. What it actually is, is our dissent with the puppetmasters up in the Lightning Party.

When we had our first cases in early 2020, they could use inexperience as an excuse. Hardly any national government could anticipate it. But right after months of social restrictions and mask wearing, and the slow easing of society going back to “normal”, they do not have any right to claim a lack of experience now.

At this point, even their usual bootlickers are against them. Even the Calvin Cheng guy, one of the most diehard brainless PAP fan (see his Facebook posts), had things to pick at. You know you screwed up when even your usual supporters are against you.

To summarize, this anger against the surge of COVID cases is not entirely because of CECA. What it really is, is proof that Singaporeans want our government to stop treating us like naïve children.

Boo to PAP!
Until the next incident or injustice, I am your loyal reader Justin.

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