Useless Mayors Paid $660,000 But Fail to Help Hawkers Struggling from Pandemic!

Hawkers in Singapore are struggling to keep their businesses afloat but we don’t see our Mayors doing something about it.

Many hawkers lose out because they don’t know how to use food delivery apps. They wake up early to prepare and open their stalls only for no one to patronize them. If this goes on, some of them will have to close for good.

“Alot of hawkers, and i mean plenty plenty, are not online nor on anything except a prayer and hope. They still sit there with all their food nicely laid out and prettily lit, waiting for the inevitable to happen. Permanent closure. The rental rebates aren’t helping as real cost, even to stay afloat, is way more.”

– Food critic Kf Seetoh

Our hawkers are struggling but we don’t see our Mayors helping them. Who are our Mayors again? They are: Low Yen Ling, Denise Phua, Desmond Choo, Alex Yam and Mohd Fahmi Aliman. They reportedly earn a hefty $660,000 in annual salary and yet are not doing anything to help!

The least they could do is to find resources to help hawkers organize deliveries:

“Set up a site per hawker center. List all the stalls/food. Have one person do order taking/instructions from site to elderly/non-tech hawkers. One more to organize deliveries.

Smart Nation? Or just no creative problem solving?”

– Entrepreneur Raj Singh

This is a perfect example of jiak liao bee! Why do we need Mayors when they are redundant, take home so much money and don’t bother helping us in times of need? We don’t get paid $660,000 to hand out gifts, put on a fake smile and take pictures.

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