Transcom Stalks Sexual Harassment Victim And Tells Her That She Should Have Defended Herself?!

What is up with our Transcom these days? First he stalks a sexual harassment victim online just to tell her that she should have defended herself. Then when she called him out, he DMed her using a second account asking for an apology for exposing his texts. This is what happened.


In a series of tweets, “catto” shared about how she had to deal with a man on the MRT who decided to take pictures of her cleavage.

“hi guys this is hard for me to talk about because it was so fresh, but i refuse to stay silent about it. on 17 may, my friend and i were on the train reaching newton station, i looked up and saw the man pointing his phone at us in a really suspicious (way). I looked into the reflection and saw him zooming the camera onto my chest area and taking picture/videos. (see vid) i confronted him and asked to look at his gallery and he said in chinese “why, cannot” and i said “if you didn’t do anything, you can show me your gallery.””
– Twitter @cathariiine_

When he finally complied and went into his gallery, his phone contained not only pictures of catto, but also other albums filled with pictures of racy women.

“he then went into his album and i saw pictures/videos of me in his phone before he tilted his phone away and changed to another album. he then showed me an album full of racy pictures of pornstars/women. i attempted to take his phone to change back to the album with me in it and he showed signs of aggression/ being really defensive and i backed away and pressed the emergency button. He then proceeded to delete the picture/videos on his phone before the smrt staff came down-“
– Twitter @cathariiine_

Unfortunately, this means that catto lost any evidence of his act, and so the authorities claimed that they could not do much about it. This is the man in question:

However, this was not the end of the story. A TransCom officer decided to privately message the girl on Instagram. But what is crazy is that he wasn’t asking her questions to work on the case or reaching out to make sure that she is ok. Instead, he told her that she should have defended herself by snatching his phone. He also reminded her to “be careful of your surroundings”.

“if u saw someone taking pictures of u, u shouldnt have give him a chance or ask him nicely for his phone, u should just snatch it away from him so that u can have a strong evidence that the guy has taken a photo of u and we can arrest him for the offence… i mean i also understand that u’re still young and just becareful of ur surroundings”

When Catto decided to call him out by sharing his messages which not only blames the victim for not defending herself, he made use of his second account to reach out to her asking for an apology. He even admitted that its a second account because “i cant text u from my main account as im already been block by u” and asked that she “pls dont expose me pls”.

First of all, should a TransCom officer be allowed to privately message the victim just to victim blame her? Second, is it not creepy that his second account was a female? Third, was the TransCom officer stalking her? How did he get her Instagram?

Also, the girl had a whole video of the man filming her. She also recorded her confrontation with him! Is this not enough evidence for the police to work on this case? What is our jiak liao bee police doing if they are not protecting us? What if the victim in question were their mothers/wives/daughters? Would they still act like this?

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