AMDK Punished For Organizing 75-pax Restaurant Dinner – Why Fine Only? Never Deport?

Last year, AMDK Beppe De Vito decided to host a Halloween Party with 75 people at Gemma Steakhouse. The restaurant worked with some exclusive private club to make this dinner happen, and the dinner attendees were club members and their guests.

“Although the diners were seated at tables of up to five, CCTV footage showed multiple occasions of intermingling between diners from different tables… The footage also showed that the restaurant staff did not take reasonable steps to prevent the intermingling between diners from different tables.”
– Singapore Food Agency

On 19 May, the restaurant’s licensee Il Lido was fined S$14,000 for breaching circuit breaker Phase 2 measures.

Who is Beppe De Vito?

Beppe De Vito owns the The Il Lido Group of restaurants. Other than Gemma Steakhouse, he is also behind 1-Michelin-star restaurant Braci at Boat Quay. Other restaurants under his name include Italian restaurant Amò, burger restaurant CARNE, rooftop bar Levant, oyster bar Southbridge, and Art in National Gallery Singapore. Was this what made him so daring to host such as event? He has many restaurants under his name if one goes down it’s ok?

Also, he once said this in an interview

“I don’t care who I piss off as long as I know that I am doing the right thing by customers.”
– Beppe De Vito

So he don’t care that he break the rules as long as his rich and atas customers are satisfied?

This is not a man new to Singapore’s laws. He moved here from Italy in 1995, and he is married to a Singaporean. He also has 3 sons here. He should know that we are very strict when it comes to our laws and will take people who breach them quite seriously.

The government must punish people like him more seriously to show that we mean it! If he is only fined, he won’t learn from his lesson because his business is doing so well anyway that $14k is peanuts! We need to kick him out or they will never learn! We cannot let them come here earn big bucks but don’t follow our laws. Just how many foreigners are we going to allow to get away with breaking our laws?

One more thing, will his guests be fined? $300×75 people is a lot of money! All the diners should be taken to task for not complying with the circuit breaker measures also. It takes two hands to clap, and the private club should also be punished for organizing this event!

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