MOM falsely accuses DJ Jade Rasif of lying about her helper being tested Covid-19 positive after early quarantine release

Previously on May 16, DJ Jade Rasif wrote that her helper from Indonesia, who arrived in Singapore “a while back”, was released from quarantine just three to four days after arrival.

“A while back we brought in a new helper in from Indonesia. Paid 2.5k for her quarantine. Weirdly, after 3 days they told us she was free to go, no quarantine needed since she was recovered (to clarify: no, not all travellers from high risk countries serve the 14 day quarantine.) MOM has confirmed she served 2 days SHN in a facility.

I was hesitant… like, are you sure it’s safe? We already paid for 2 weeks. And there were cases of reinfection from recovered patients. (MOM has confirmed this as well: case facts in the images below)

Well turns out it wasn’t safe because 2 weeks later she went for a swab test… positive (MOM has confirmed this as well although they classified her as recovered and non transmissible)”

Thereafter, Jade receives a call saying that her maid had to be sent back to quarantine.

“After being all around SG for 2 weeks. I was confused, if it’s not infectious why should she go back? (MOM has said it is “to be sure”, although personally I feel you should be sure from the start)”

Subsequently, MOM made a long statement via Facebook on 17 May claiming that the Jade’s account was inaccurate. Jade then left a comment on MOM’s post pointing out the inaccuracies in their statement as well.

In the latest update, Jade Rasif shared that she has been in contact with MOM who subsequently admitted that their statements were inaccurate.

Why is MOM’s statement still up on Facebook? Why have they not corrected their own statements which defames Jade Rasif and accused her of lying?

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