Jo Teo Celebrates Her Farewell Amidst New Wave of COVID Cases

A cabinet change took place on 15 May, and Josephine Teo is no longer the minister for manpower. Celebrating her departure, she made a Facebook post about her over-the-top farewell party.

The highlight of her party was a self portrait in front of the Singapore flag. Whose money was spent on it? Why she waste money on such a frivolous farewell event when the country is struggling with their battle against the new wave of COVID cases? What does this portrait even mean? Is she trying to put herself before the country?

Given her track record, she does not deserve to celebrate her time with MOM. During her reign, many Singaporeans lost their jobs to foreigners (especially to CECA). She also messed up big time with the COVID outbreak in the migrant worker dormitories. When asked about her screw up with the dormitories, she also said arrogant and brainless things like “I have not come across one single migrant worker himself that has demanded an apology.”

So, what good has she done for Singaporeans to deserve such an extravagant farewell, especially at such a time of crisis?

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