Sengkang General Hospital Nurse Harassed By Neighbor Who Sprayed Dettol At Them Again!

On 18 May 2021 at 6:50am, a netter who works as a nurse was on her way to work at 6:50am in the morning when her neighbor decided to pour a bucket of soapy water towards her. In a video captured by a CCTV, the neighbor could be heard saying “kua lanchiau ah” while pouring the soapy water.

This is not the first time this has happened. Instagram @jibby4g previously shared similar videos showing past instances of the family of 4 being harassed by their neighbor. Other than throwing soapy water, they have also sprayed disinfectants at the family, including at their daughter (6-years-old) and son (2-years-old). Earlier this year, he also shared that his son has had allergy reactions to the disinfectant, often coughing after being sprayed at.

“My son would cough due to the strong smell of the disinfecting solution and when he cough, the school centre will reject him. If bring him see doc, will be given SHN.. when I am out of leave/CCL, how? Take no pay leave?”
– Instagram @jibby4g

Last year, when the harassment first occurred in May 2020, police reports were made. It even made it to the news. Sengkang General Hospital also made a Facebook post condoning the action.

It has been a year and seems like their neighbor is still at it. What happened to the investigations? It seems like the attacks were by the same neighbors, why were they not taken to task?

See the video here.

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