Die Hard PAP Fan Calvin Cheng Rebuts His Own Party Supporters!

Calvin Cheng is a famous fan of PAP but he recently rebutted his own party supporters! He is irritated about the slow vaccination rate in Singapore and was unhappy that other PAP supporters keep telling him it’s ok.

“The PAP ultras kept coming to my page and saying stupid things like ‘slow and steady wins the race’, ‘its ok let other people go first’, ‘let’s trust the government’ and other kinds of nonsensical things.”

He said that border control is only temporary and can go wrong anytime, so it is important for Singaporeans to be vaccinated quickly. We should not take our own sweet time. He claims to have been “pressing very hard” for faster vaccination but we are not even close to getting 70% of the population vaccinated.

He got annoyed again when PAP IBs didn’t like the idea of giving people one dose first.

“We must vaccinate as fast as we can, stretch supplies if necessary.”

“Imagine we are like Taiwan, who only secured 300,000 doses as they thought they had time (like the PAP ultras). Today they had 333 new cases and are scrambling to get more vaccines.”

He doesn’t understand why they have no sense of urgency when vaccination is the only thing that can save us. “We should make it mandatory. Anti-vaxxers are the greatest threat to Singapore. Not open borders.”

Wah, die hard PAP bootlicker Calvin Cheng scolding his own party supporters. When else will you see this?

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