Netizen: Why Are Covid Restrictions So Inconsistent? Ownself Check Ownself!

Circuit broke… again !

Fellow Singaporeans, as you are all aware… thanks to the “courage” of our masters in the Lightning Party… we are considerably back to Circuit Breaker measures. Do not be fooled by all the flowery “Chim” english they use, it’s all a distraction.

Whether you like it or not, we are back to the Circuit Breaker. Once again chairs and tables across shopping malls lay empty, the office is once again chained to your home… and people still panic bought enough for NTUC executives to strike it rich.

On top of not forbidding foreigners from high-risk countries, the government has left quite a couple holes in enforcing restriction measures.

For example… a limit of 2 people in a group also applies to Grab Rides but you still have buses and trains without much social distancing. Yeah, because everyone knows that public transport is one of the most hygienic places known to man !

And despite telling us not go gather in groups of more than 2… there’s this odd rule of allowing 50 people to attend events without testing for covid. It’s only compulsory if there are 100 people attending… why are their rules so contradicting? Why do they not enforce it consistently?

I myself do not understand the rationale behind it all. It’s just… inconsistent. So rather than making everyone angry with everything short of essential services closed down… You want to make everyone even more angry by putting these odd restrictions that either inconvenience people at the least… or possibly form another Covid cluster ?

The only thing on their list I agree by far is increased testing on all people with dangerous respiratory diseases. We still have a relatively high vaccination rate… and with luck.. no one that I either know or interact with will die from such circumstances. But… remember this ! We shall need to angrily ask the government why they take our trust and treat it like dirt. Why do they not listen to reasonable restrictions brought up by the people ?

Stay extra vigilant. Their days in bad karma will one day surely sabotage their ability for the future.

Until the next incident or Injustice, I am your loyal Reader, Justin

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