MBS Aunty is the 1st Woman Navy Officer? With Great Rank Comes Great Arrogance!

So, the 160 mainstream media reported on the sovereign woman who refused to wear a mask at Marina Bay Sands. However, they all conveniently left out the part where she was from the Navy. Is it a coincidence?

Netizens took umbrage with her behaviour and dug up a Linkedin profile with her photo. She was a Lieutenant-Commander, Naval Officer at the Republic of Singapore Navy from 1990 to 2002. Some say she is the first woman Navy officer and was Commanding Officer of the RSS Kallang.

She is more recently in compliance and risk management. How ironic, when she did not comply with rules and consider the risks of her actions! This is not even her first time!

With the spotlight on her and lately SPH CEO Ng Yat Chung, who is a 3-star General, people are getting to know more about ranks and the arrogance it brings. Look at our paper generals. Do you find any similarities?

So why did our 160 media leave out these juicy bits? Didn’t they say that they don’t bow down to anybody?

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