Sovereign Aunty Refuse to Wear Mask: “You Have No Badge, Don’t Speak to Me!”

Sovereign alert! A woman was caught on video for not wearing her mask at Marina Bay Sands. Instead of putting it on, she kept talking back to the poor safe distancing ambassador who was only trying to do her job.

“You have no badge why are you asking me to do something? Who are you representing?”

The woman stubbornly refused to wear her mask even after repeated warnings. She even asked if the safe distancing ambassador was harassing her and creating a scene. She also told her off for not having the right to tell her to do anything.

“Are you harassing me? Are you creating a scene?”

“If you have no badge, don’t speak to me! You have no right to ask me to do anything!”

Who’s the one creating a scene here?! Sovereign, arrogant people like her must not be allowed to have their way. She must be arrested and shamed for it!

Video may be seen on our Instagram

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