Long Queues As Singaporeans Start to Panic Buy Again!

Chiong ah! Singaporeans have started panic buying again after tighter safe management measures were announced. It is almost deja vu, like last year’s circuit breaker.

From 16 May, gatherings will be limited to 2 persons only. Nobody is allowed to dine-in anywhere. Food stalls can only offer delivery or takeaway.

NTUC CEO Seah Kian Peng tried to assure the public that they are well-stocked and well-prepared, and there is no need for panic buying, but Singaporeans are still rushing down to their nearby supermarkets to stock up on everything. Here is what the crowd situation looks like:

Very funny leh. Why are people stocking up on toilet paper? No paper can use water right? Worse comes to worst use hand la! What about you? Will you be stocking up tonight? NTUC must be laughing its way to the bank!

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