Open Letter from Indian Expats: Dear Singapore, Don’t Blame Us All for Covid

Someone wrote an open letter on behalf of Indian expats in Singapore. They understand our frustration behind the Covid-19 surge in their home country but they hope that we do not unfairly blame all of them for it.

It was not easy for them to come here

The writer said that Indian nationals have to go through a lot to come here. It is difficult to get approvals for different types of passes e.g. EP/S Pass/Work Permit. They also have to go through many tests – pre-departure tests, quarantine, post-arrival tests so that they can stay here.

The laws of Singapore make it impossible to breach any of the laws and precautions and as expats we are usually even more cautious as we don’t want trouble like jail time or get deported for good.

Don’t target them for the Indian variant

India is not the only one with a mutated variant, so “why only target the Indians?” WHY?

We didn’t make the virus mutate on purpose. It’s nature’s force and beyond control of humans… Hundreds of thousands of people are dying not just because of the virus, but also due to lack of basic facilities… Most of us have families back in India and there is a good chance that they will get sick and might even die while we are still here.

They have families to feed

They remain in Singapore once they go back to India, it is difficult to return. They have families to feed and life here is not any easier for them as it is for us.

However, if you still feel we are responsible please don’t resort to violence or abuses we understand it’s your country but we do deserve some respect. We didn’t get the virus here on purpose.

What do you think?

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