Soup Spoon Staff Throws Delivery Rider Out For Having A Snack While Waiting For His Order

Just last week, one netter witnessed a Soup Spoon staff at Changi City Point allegedly “throwing food delivery rider out of the restaurant just for eating a small snack while waiting to get his order”.

According to the netter’s Facebook comment to Soup Spoon, he recounted that the rider “told her (the staff) repeatedly he is very hungry and is a delivery rider not a customer and has already waited for so long for his order.” However, the staff “told him to cancel the order n lose his income.” She also threatened to call security on the rider.

The netter quipped, “This Changi City Point outlet has the worst arrogant, extremely rude, bullying manager. No wonder that outlet has so few customers. My friends and I will never go back to this outlet ever again.”

How can treat our delivery riders like that? During circuit breaker they were bravely going out there to make sure we have our favorite food while we’re stuck at home. It is only right that we treat them with basic respect!

See the Facebook comment below.

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