PAP Using Our Money to Help Children in PCF Kindergartens Only

PAP is using our money to make themselves look good again!

Temasek Foundation and PCF will start providing financial support for pre-school children from low-income backgrounds. Under the new First Step Programme, eligible children from infant care to Nursery 2 will get $200 CDA top-ups every year.

This sounds like a great plan to help lower-income families, except that it does not help ALL of them. The financial support is only given to children who are in PCF Sparkletots. Children who come from lower-income families but are enrolled in other pre-schools do NOT get to enjoy the benefit.

In other words, the elites are only helping their own kindergartens.

What’s more, the funding comes from Temasek and costs $3.38 million. See how they are using our money to make themselves look good? They will look like kind Samaritans while other schools who cannot provide the same will look bad.

If the PAP truly wants to help lower-income families, they would have extended the support to all of them. How can they say that they are serving Singaporeans when they are so selective in helping their own citizens? These are children who deserve to go to schools and go through proper education!

So hypocritical. Singaporeans need to realize this and wake up their idea that PAP is as glorious as they paint themselves to be!

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