I Saw My Mum’s Bruises on Mother’s Day and Found Out She Was Racially Attacked

A Singaporean woman was very unhappy that her mother became the victim of racism. Her 55-year-old mother was brisk-walking with her mask down when a man warned her to wear her mask and proceeded to attack her.

Yesterday, she was brisk walking & had her mask on her chin (masks need not be donned for brisk walks) when a guy came up to her harassing her to put her mask up. She explained she was brisk walking but he didn’t care. he hurled vulgarities and racial slurs at her. My mum responded with a ‘god bless you’ and the guy kicked her in the chest. My mum landed on her back and hurt herself. The guy ran away leaving my mum shaking in tears.

She said that her mother was too shocked to call the police or to tell her about it. She only found out after seeing her mother’s bruises yesterday. She believes that the attack was “racially motivated” as the perpetrator called out her mother’s race before kicking her.

She reminded everyone that racism is more prevalent than we think and is sad that something like this has to happen for people to be aware of it. Her mother is thankful for supportive comments but remains scarred by the incident.

Now my mum is afraid of taking a walk in her own country. I can’t comprehend the hatred it would’ve taken to attack a complete stranger. Fuck anyone who downplays racism here. All it takes is a trigger – be it anti-CECA sentiments or blaming a country in crisis for local COVID outbreaks – for silent racism to manifest into violence.

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