AMDK Who Refused To Wear Mask On Train Kennah Arrested

There was a video circulating online about a man who refused to wear a mask on the MRT going towards Redhill. On 9 May 2021, SMRT shared in a Facebook post that they have reported the matter to the police.

Why they never stop the man from boarding the train in the first place? They say if commuters don’t comply they will activate Transcom, but where is the Transcom in the video? How come they waited until the video became viral before they make a police report?

Anyway according to CNA “The police arrested a 39-year-old man for allegedly causing public nuisance and flouting safe distancing measures in relation to the case,” Hopefully this will be a good reminder that all who come into our country should follow our law. We must send a strong message to make sure that this doesn’t happen again. Already got one sovereign lady, now got this guy, we don’t need anymore.

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