Another Sovereign Refuses To Wear Mask On MRT, Says He Researched Already

Just yesterday, the famous “sovereign lady” who refused to wear masks at Shunfu Market was sentenced to two weeks’ jail and a $2,000 fine for breaching our COVID-19 regulations. Seems like there is a new contender ready to take her place.

Last night, this man in the above picture was seen taking the MRT towards Redhill without a mask. When other passengers reminded him about it, he responded, “I am very religious, and I love human beings, and I hate seeing *inaudible* with the mask on”.

As he sat down, passengers around him stood up to maintain their distance. He continued talking about how he has “researched this quite a lot” and that the mask “its not good”. Even when a kind soul offered him a mask and placed it on the seat next to him, he refused to accept it and complained that the mask is very uncomfortable.

Already have new clusters in Singapore and we still have this kind of people worsening the situation. Does this man think that he is above the law?

See the full video on our Instagram @allsporestuff.

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