WTF! Unqualified Lawyer Faked Evidence So He Can Train Future Lawyers

Previously, one of our readers wrote in to express their concerns about Lawyer Tan Jeh Yaw. Tan is an unqualified lawyer who supervised the six-month training of Kuoh Hao Teng at Tan Jeh Yaw LLC. A supervising solicitor is supposed to have in force a practicing certificate for at least 5 of 7 years, but Tan’s practicing certificate was only in force for 2 years and 11 months before taking on trainees.

According to the AGC, Tan is now being investigated by the police for falsely declaring to the Singapore Institute of Legal Education that he was qualified to supervise trainees. Why is it that a case like this needed to happen before investigations are being made? Shouldn’t the Singapore Institute of Legal Education have done their checks properly before allowing him to supervise trainees?

Also, Tan was a Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) with our AGC in 2009-2010. He was also once a legal counsel with Workforce Singapore (WSG). This is a high ranking civil servant who knows the law but he chose to do such an unethical thing. Such errant lawyers need to be barred from practicing!

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