Netizen: I fainted at Northpoint City yesterday night and many different strangers approached to help me.

On 3 May 2021, a netizen by the name of Apple Ning Xuan Tan fainted at Northpoint City, right outside ToriQ. She recounted her experience in a Facebook post, and expressed her gratitude for the multiple strangers who came to her assistance.

” Suddenly I felt dizzy for ~30 seconds; when I came back to conscious, I was already lying on the floor. That was around 8:30 pm, and we were right outside Tori-Q.

I woke up feeling very giddy, with numbness in both feet, hands, tummy and felt very weak. I heard many different voices, and there were many very kind strangers (I cannot recall how they look like, nor had the chance to thank them personally).

Not long after, I was sent to the hospital by ambulance.”

She subsequently found out from her fiancé that many strangers came to help whilst she was unconscious. This includes a towel she found in her bag which her fiancé told her came from a lady who “used her towel to cover my eyes as the shopping mall’s lights were too glaring for me.”

“I would wish to thank the multiple different strangers who assisted me yesterday night. Even at this crucial Covid-19 period, many strangers just flocked in to help me. Some even used ointment to rub my feet, my hands, and my head dimples. I also heard from my partner; some went to nearby shops to purchase drinks for me, one even got a lemonade to ensure I have some sugar in my body.”

Apple regrets that she and her fiancé did not get a chance to jot down the details of the strangers who helped her, but hopes that those who were there would contact her. “I would wish to buy you a small token of appreciation and thank you personally.”

Kudos to the Singaporeans who came to Apple’s assistance! Please contact her via her Facebook if you were there!

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