Angry Netizens Blame Covid Virus for ‘Purposely’ Targeting Malays

Yesterday, Singapore announced tighter safe management measures after a rise in Covid-19 cases. However, some netizens were unhappy as it will affect their Hari Raya celebrations.

They vented their frustrations online, saying that they cannot gather with extended families. They claimed that the government is doing this deliberately to Muslims only as they “suddenly” tighten measures nearing Hari Raya. They claimed that everything is racist against them because other people get to have their celebrations except them.

Here are some of them playing the race card:

To be honest, is there any chance that the government and the virus are targeting Malays on purpose? Do they even make sense? It is not cool to play the race card when we are all trying to fight the recurrence of Covid-19.

Nobody wants to have tighter safe management measures. We all want to lead normal lives again. It is unfortunate that there is a re-emergence at this time, but resorting to playing the race card is not wise and does not reflect well on their community. To those who made childish comments: stop giving our community a bad name!

The virus does not discriminate. So the most important thing now is for everyone to observe proper hygiene and stay safe from the virus.

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