My Pregnant Wife Fell Due to Carpark Wet Cement. HDB Still Quiet About This!

A man and his pregnant wife got into an accident at a Woodlands multi-storey carpark. Their motorbike slipped due to wet cement and there was no sign to warn drivers of the danger. The angry man complained on social media that HDB was irresponsible nor did they address the matter. His wife, who also fell, is pregnant.

“What is their problem? They did not put any sign board… How will we know to avoid it? There is nobody who want to take care of this matter. Is this right? My wife and I fell here and the main thing is, my wife is pregnant! Are we supposed to take responsibility ourselves?”

The incident happened at Woodlands W90 carpark.

How did they carry out their work? Why is there no sign to warn of the danger? Singaporeans pay so much for what? When accidents like this happen, the authorities never bother to address the problem. What is the couple supposed to do? Are they supposed to be responsible for other people’s carelessness?

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