Dear Gov, Stop Telling Us Not to Worry And Start Doing Your Jobs Properly!

Dear editor,

It’s worrying to see so many covid-19 cases nowadays. There are so many unlinked cases from hospitals to shopping malls and even schools. If Singapore encounters a 2nd wave, it shows that the government is incapable:

It was late to stop flights from India

I think the government was too slow in taking action against travelers from India. When they finally announce a ban, it was for people with history of travel to India in the past 14 days only. Who knows how many took a detour to slip in through other countries? How accurate their pre-departure test? It’s too late if they bring with them the virus or mutated strain.

The government tell us that we are being xenophobic but look at the situation in India. They cannot control it. We want to stop them from bringing the virus here because we’re worried for our health. That’s for everyone’s good and it’s not being xenophobic. When will they understand where we’re coming from?

It doesn’t understand how it’s like on the ground

They continue to say that people will not get it from transient contact on public transport. How do they know if they don’t take public transport? Don’t say the rare times they take MRT and have reporters take pictures. That’s not during peak hour!

As people who get driven to places, they don’t understand how it feels like to be in a crowded train when we know there are covid-19 clusters. They say it’s transient but it takes only one person to not wear the mask properly to get us in trouble. By then there’ll be so many more unlinked cases that they cannot trace. They don’t understand and they will never understand.

Start thinking for the rest of us… Stop telling us not to worry and start doing your jobs properly!

From L Chan

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