Ungrateful PRC Chiobu Complains About Living in Singapore!

Dear Editor,

I came across this very infuriating video from a Tarzan Media Youtube channel showing this PRC woman complaining about Singapore no good.

We are too small for her

In the video, she complain say Singapore is too small, she got no place to go, and she jealous of her friends back in China who got lots of places to go. I mean what the hell? Why she come to Singapore if she think this place too small? Go back China la, or better go Siberia, lots of free roaming space for her.

Our online shopping not enough for her

She then later say Singapore got no Taobao, she not happy, say our online shopping not as good as China. This is nonsense. Singapore got Lazada, Shopee so many others, but she die die want to buy things from Taobao?

Too many rules for her

What is ridiculous, is she complain Singapore have too many rules and regulations. She also make fun of the lift passenger restriction during the Circuit Breaker period, say that our Government always have to NANNY us!!!

Singapore drivers too ignorant for her

She also say Singapore driver got no common sense, don’t know how to signal because got no camera to catch them, not like in China, got traffic camera everywhere.

Too many telephone scams for her

But the most ridiculous complain she have is, Singapore have too many telephone scams. This part, I sure she never use brain, if not she sure know that our scams all come from her homeland CHINA!!! What a stupid thing to say!!!

Her complaints originate from Tarzan Media’s Youtube and FB page. Pls shame this woman for not appreciating us to let her stay here!!! Really don’t know what she is up to!!!

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