Taiwanese YouTuber Cooks Chicken At Sembawang Hot Spring?!

Dear Editors,

Back in March, Taiwanese YouTuber “Angel Hsu” uploaded a video documenting her chicken cooking experiment at Sembawang Hot Spring.

The hot spring goes up to 70 degrees celcius, and the park has an area for people to cook their onsen eggs. The YouTuber wanted to see if she can cook other things so she decided to try cooking raw chicken wings together with an egg and a bag of claypot rice.

“Npark did not mention cannot cook anything else other than egg, so I tried chicken wing!”

She let the items soak for an hour, and apparently the chicken was well cooked, although the chicken only had a “bland chicken soup taste” according to her.

Should this be allowed in the hot springs? Will cooking other food items pollute the water? Maybe NParks need to set up guidelines because what if oil and other things from other types of food go into the spring? Hope that the authorities will make a statement about this.

— Neo
A.S.S. Contributor

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