Racist Auntie has A Whole Collection of Videos Accusing People of Harassing Her

Last week, a racist auntie was caught on video for belittling Malays on the train. She mocked them for no reason and thinks she is too elite for everyone because she came from Hwa Chong.

The siao lang auntie apparently has a whole collection of YouTube videos accusing commuters of “harassing” her when they didn’t even do anything. The latest video was from 2 weeks ago where she accused a “Malay man” of molesting a “Chinese woman” (aka her). All the man did was sit. He did not touch anyone.

She somehow thinks that all Malays and Indians are stalking or harassing her. So cannot even look at her ok?

In one of her videos, she claimed that she has been punched by Malay strangers for 7 to 8 years because she did not want to marry her Malay neighbour. “I am sorry but I am a university graduate. So definitely the guy I m looking to marry would have to be of even higher educational level than I”.

She also said that she is not racist as she gave chocolates to Malay and Indian staff at Jurong Point NTUC during Chinese New Year.

She usually hangs out at Boon Lay/Jurong area so just siam if you see her. She looks mentally unsound but it is only a matter of time before someone really whacks her for good.

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