Netizen Nearly Burns Down Kitchen After Her Silicone Coasters Caught On Fire

Netizen “Issey Lim” accidentally started a fire in her kitchen after she placed a pot on the stove with the silicone coaster still underneath it.

“Please note this has nothing to do with the seller. Its my own fault that I dint check. I learned my lesson by almost burning down the kitchen! So to everyone out there. Please take note and learn from my mistake.”

She was boiling water to wash her baby’s bottles when her husband asked her to heat some soup. She then took the pot of water where the baby bottles had been and placed it on a silicone coaster. After heating up the soup, she put the pot with her baby’s bottles back on the stove.

However, the silicone coaster was still at the bottom of the pot. When she turned on the fire, “in less then 10secs it turn into BIG fire.”

“I quickly off the fire, trying hard to think what should be done. Took off the pot.. It’s still burning!!! I stood there panicking and I recall my husband show me a video saying cannot throw water over candle wax, else will have reaction might explode. (*this one is good if everyone is aware too) So I quickly wet a cloth with water and squeeze it, then call out for my husband in the living room for help. He came over and stay very calm, immediately use the wet cloth to put over the fire. He had to do it a few times then manage to put out the fire.”

Luckily there was not much damage, and the lady was grateful that she did not have to make use of her fire extinguisher.

Everyone must be careful and remember to check the base of your pots before putting them on the stove when you use silicone coasters! It might have stuck to the bottom of the pot because the pot was too hot. These were the silicon coasters she bought:

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