Man on Stay Home Notice: Hotel Deprived Me of Smoking & Still Made Me Pay for It!

A man got frustrated for having to serve his stay home notice at a hotel that does not allow him to smoke. He was put on SHN at Park Royal Hotel after coming back from Bangkok. He was unhappy that he has to pay for the hotel stay and yet nobody bothered to ask if he smokes.

All the forms given to me never ask if I smoke and sent me to a smoke-free hotel for quarantine/SHN… What is the Government doing? Want me to break the law and fine me? The next 14 days how to survive… cannot go out… the room windows are the type that cannot be opened… and you need to pay for this…

When I ask, everybody say it’s the government law… what the fxxx…

He feels suffocated that they do not allow him to change hotels. “I’m not asking for a suite. Just another reasonable hotel with smoking facility!”

Reader’s Contribution by Az

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