Cabinet Reshuffle: Who Will Be The Next PM?

Fellow Singaporeans, once again it has been too long… But for once I have something to put my two cents in. Literally breaking news at time of writing this, the Cabinet of the Prime Minister has been shuffled.

Here is the million dollar question: based on this cabinet reshuffle, who is in running to become the next Prime Minister after Lee Hsien Loong? I would peg it down to either Lawrence Wong, who has occupied Heng Swee Keat’s position before Deputy Prime Minister… or Chan Chun Sing… who a close 2nd in the current race to the leadership among the 4G group, taking Lawrence’s previous post.

As for literally everyone else… there is no clear 3rd potential candidate for the pursuit of the Prime Minister. Names like Gan Kim Yong or One Ye Kung are just shuffled around so as to fill in the gap left out from one of the 4G team stepping down. But at this point, it could be anyone’s game.

Sadly however, there seems to be little chance for Mr Iswaran to appear as this third wild card… given that Singaporeans are apparently “not ready for a non-Chinese PM” according to a prominent member of the PAP.

PAP’s selling point is supposedly the long term stability that they bring. So, if Lee Kuan Yew and Goh Chok Tong could pick a successor, why the heck can’t Lee Hsien Loong?

Shining a crystal ball obtained from some Gypsy in Lau Pau Sat,
your loyal reader Justin

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