Netizen: Ban All Travellers From India To Safeguard Singapore!

There is a new petition which calls for a ban on travellers from India that has been making its rounds. The petition, started yesterday on by a “Concerned Singaporean”, asked that the Singapore government impose a ban in order to stop the new strains of COVID-19 seen in India from spreading here.

It is not enough that we only reduce the numbers coming in. It is not enough that we extend their SHN by another 7 days. If we want to safeguard our country, we MUST ban ALL non-Singaporean/PR travellers from India! Here is why:

1) We risk another wave of COVID. Do we want another CB after all our efforts at fighting the pandemic?

2) We risk exposing fellow Singaporeans to the new mutant strains. Even if our population gets vaccinated, it does not mean that the vaccine will work against the new strains!

3) We risk our reputation as a country that has kept COVID under control. When people from India transit in Singapore, it makes it look like the cases originated from us. Who will want to have travel bubbles with us? petition

This has happened before. Netters have pointed out that petitions were also created at the start of the pandemic calling for the government to ban travellers from China. At that time, the government only decided to put the ban after COVID clusters have already been seen here.

US, UK, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Pakistan have already put a travel ban on flights from India. Will we be slow to act again? Will it take another cluster of the new COVID strain before our government starts taking action? Will we need another circuit breaker?

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