Aunty Count Out Number Of Malays on MRT and Accuse Them Of Harassing Her

On 21 April 2021, Twitter user @mysweetserenade shared a video where an aunty was seen accusing Malays of harassing her. The tweet was captioned “I fasting, tired and saw an empty seat. Next thing I know, got a lady accusing us Malays of harassing her?? 🤯🤔

In the video, the aunty began with asking everyone about her education, saying that she studied at Hwa Chong and NUS. Next she could be seen asking another passenger “may I know your race? I want to know if you’re with them”. When the girl replied “Malay”, the aunty said “no wonder” and continued to flex about her education and how her brother-in-law is some CEO, her nephew is a lawyer etc.

After that she said “Tell police why I need to hang out with you guys” and appeared to count out how many Malays were in the cabin with her. See the video here.

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