Fakes SGH Employment Letters Circulating In India?!

Singapore General Hospital (SGH) made a Facebook post on 20 April 2021 warning the public about letters of fake job offers that have been making rounds in India.

The letters were obviously fake. The signatory showed that the hiring process is managed by a “km brothers”, and the hospital’s address is also wrong (it says “1 Hospital drive” when it should be “Outram Road”). Additionally, the registration number of SGH was also misrepresented as “190703907″ – the real registration no. for SGH is 198703907Z.

This is not the first time fake letters of employment from SGH have been circulating in India. A similar Facebook post was made by the hospital on 11 Nov 2019.

First our national song, now our hospital’s name. Some say they also stole our jobs with fake certificates. What will they steal/fake next?

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