Netizen: Why Did MOM Give My Personal Details To A Stranger Who Wanted To Employ My Maid?!

On 20 April 2021, Ivy Teo Siok Cheng wrote to ST Forum to share about how she was harassed by a prospective employer who sent her “whole string of text messages” insisting that Ivy should recall why her foreign domestic worker (FDW) left her employment.

Apparently the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) had furnished the prospective employer with my name and contact details without my permission. (She even had details like my housing type, household size and the period that the FDW was with me.)
– Ivy Teo

Despite informing the prospective employer that she hired the maid 10 years ago and could not recall the reason, she was continuedly harassed.

The prospective employer had forwarded me some information and an e-mail that she received from MOM, to prove that the FDW was under my employment, and that therefore I could not have forgotten what happened then.
– Ivy Teo

Should MOM be allowed to give out personal details of past employers of FDWs to prospective employers without informing them? Does PDPA not apply to government agencies?

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