My Husband is Having an Affair. Should I Close One Eye for the Sake of My Children?


I am a middle-aged woman working a menial job. My husband goes out for most of his ‘business trips’ while I take care of my 2 children at home. Recently, I found out that he had been talking to this lady who addresses him as ‘hubs’. I saw his incoming message by accident when he was away from his phone.

I don’t know what to do. Should I address the issue to him and risk having him leave me alone to fend for my 2 kids? Should I just accept that he is just finding some source of pleasure out there because it is my fault for failing to satisfy him over time?

Maybe it’s just normal for men to seek outside sources to satisfy themselves. Am I the one who is not open enough? Should I take all of it with an open mind and trust that he will get over it as he ages and things will get back to normal? What should I do? Am I overthinking?

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