I Can’t Find Jobs Ever Since I Was Accused of Defaming the Lee Family. Please Help Me

Daniel De Costa has joined in the crowdfunding frenzy! He was charged in 2018 for defaming the Lee family in an article for The Online Citizen.

Since then, he could not find jobs. He said that it is difficult because the 154 media splashed his photos everywhere and posted misleading news about him. He also had to deal with his grandmother’s funeral and used up a lot of his savings. He has fallen into “financial abyss” as he waits for the 2nd half of the trial.

Out of options, Daniel and his supporter are appealing to Singaporeans in hopes that we can help.

He [Dan] has consistently stood against the oppressive powers since we knew each other back in 2006, when we first joined the Opposition and he always had a heart for the underdog.

He has helped raise numerous grievances on the ground since then and obtained resolutions on behalf of others from an otherwise, unresponsive regime. All these, he does without fear or favour.

He has now been shamed, humiliated and degraded on State media and by one of the people he has helped who turned star prosecution witness. He is thus in need of our help now. He unfortunately does not broadcast or showcase his deeds and not many may know about him until his untimely arrest in November 2018.

He will not be able to sustain livelihood and that of his widowed mother without your kind generosity. Hope you will step up to defend those who have defended our rights and dignity, thank you!

People who want to contribute may visit https://gogetfunding.com/for-justice-and-equality.


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