Ex-NMP Calvin Cheng Says People Should Pay More For Defamation Because They Can Crowdfund

Recently, Singaporeans stood together to help Leong Sze Hian and Roy Ngerng pay PM Lee for their libel lawsuits (S$133k + S$129k and S$150k respectively). Ex-NMP Calvin Cheng had something to say about that. In a Facebook post on 17 April, he complained that the amount they had to pay was too small because it was shared.

“Courts should henceforth take into consideration that libel damages can be crowdfunded, and should be increased. This increased sum can then be shared by the guilty parties and their supporters. They all need to be punished.

He adds that “the people who donated to them are very likely the same kind of people who would like and share their libelous posts”.

In his comment section he also flexed that he wouldn’t need to crowdfund if he was caught in a libel lawsuit because he has money and he “don’t need to be so useless and crowdfund”.

Do you agree with this ex-NMP who is obviously rich enough to not feel the pain of those who don’t have his kind of wealth? Where is his compassion for fellow Singaporeans?

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