India is the New Covid-19 Epicenter But Why are We Still Welcoming Them?!

Most of our Covid-19 cases are now imported. How long are we going to let foreigners enter our country even though we locals are discouraged from travelling out?

An Indian National recently brought the virus with him when he came to Singapore. It has been more than a month since we had more than one community case, until him. He already spread the virus to two more people, creating a new Covid-19 cluster here.

Despite India’s exponential number of cases, our government continues to welcome them with open arms. The country recorded its worst spike of more than 200,000 cases in a SINGLE day. What’s more, a double mutant variant was detected and their vaccine supplies are running out. The situation is so bad India is called the latest Covid-19 epicenter but people do not care as they gather at festivals and rallies.

Even Hong Kong announced that it is banning flights from India. What about us? Why is there no news? Is our government not going to do anything about this?

Singaporeans have obeyed safe distancing rules from the start of Covid-19 until now. We do not want to see another wave happen because of one imported case gone wrong, not when it could have been prevented by placing more restrictions on foreigners especially from the new epicenter. They are the ones who failed to control the virus. Why are we the ones bearing the consequences? We should be stopping them from coming in! But why aren’t we? What the hell is the government waiting for and how long more do we have to deal with this shit?

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